Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parker & Claire's Baptism

Parker and Claire were both baptized this morning at church.  Parker wanted to go first.  It was very special to have Uncle Mike baptize them.

 Claire's turn

 All of the children came in to watch

 Our family
 Amanda & Lucy Cate
 With Uncle Mike

 It was such a special time, and I've just been praising God all day that both of my children love Jesus and asked Him into their hearts a while back.  They both understand baptism and really wanted to do it.  I am just so proud!!!

After church, we went to Cracker Barrel for a special meal with family.  I got to do this...
 Seriously ~ BE STILL MY HEART!

Then it was Nana's turn.
 And Caleb (his first time ever holding Lucy Cate)
 Our family at lunch
 The other end of the table
What a beautiful day to be baptized! Thank you Lord for saving my babies!  Nothing could ever make me happier!!!

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Becky said...

Very special! Love seeing the pictures of this awesome time!