Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food Update!

About a month ago, we made Angel Chicken from Pinterest.  I didn't take a picture, but it looked exactly the same as the Pinterest picture.  Unfortunately, none of us liked it very much.  It had way too much wine taste for this Baptist girl!

Parker wanted to know if angels really eat it.  He didn't think it tasted good enough for angels to eat. He asked me to never make it again! It really wasn't that bad overall, but I doubt we'll be eating it again anytime soon. 

We are still working on the pizza dough recipe.  We tried one from Pinterest, Bobby Flay's recipe, and Alton Brown's recipe.  None are just exactly right, but we are getting closer.  We will stay the course and finish the race.  Oh, yes we will.  We have taken the vow to let no pizza crust put asunder.

In other food related news, I ate fish tonight.  Also, I did not die from the eating of the fish.  Here's the thing...I hate fish.  I love shrimp and even enjoy crab and lobster from time to time.  I just do not like fish.  I really want to learn to like it because I know it's healthy.  Tonight, we had tilapia.  Success! It didn't taste fishy! Hooray for tilapia! I even chewed it up and swallowed it without gagging. 

So I really want to know...do you all like fish? If you do, please tell me which kind and how you prepare it!

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Rachael said...

Let's see... I like many different types of fish- flounder, salmon, catfish, tilapia. Sometimes I really liked them stuffed. I've cooked tilapia but the best way to eat fish is to go to Riverfront in Kinsport.