Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let me count the ways...


I love you because...
  1. You love me unconditionally
  2. You act silly with me
  3. You make me feel special and loved every single day
  4. You let me call you at work just to tell you silly things like how I broke a nail or that I heard a great song on the radio just now
  5. You also let me call you at work to cry about anything that might be making me sad at the moment
  6. You call me just to say hi and see how my day is going
  7. You wash the dishes almost every night (and never complain about it)
  8. You don't expect our house to be spotless and often remind me that it won't be as long as we have children living here (and that's ok)
  9. You suffer through my favorite tv shows (or at least go sweetly into the other room)
  10. You've grown to love the beach as much as I do
  11. You dream with me about our future
  12. You are the best father that our children could ever have
  13. You are the best husband I could ever have
  14. You are the most sincere listener I've ever known
  15. You make me feel safe
  16. You are the most wonderful chef ~ really!
  17. You work so hard to provide for our family
  18. You treat your clients with respect and always, always do what is in their best interest
  19. You wear your hair messy sometimes just for me
  20. You "make lists" for me when I need to be reassured ~ reasons you love me, reasons I'm a good mother, etc, etc, etc. Yes, I'm very needy!
  21. You are intense and determined
  22. You make me hot chocolate
  23. You drive my old, two door car so that I can drive the newer, safer one
  24. You tolerate my hypochondria (better than anyone should ever be expected to)
  25. You love Jesus and live your life for Him!

Happy Valentine's Day Brianaby! I love you now more than ever!