Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All I Want For Labor Day

Last night, Parker and Claire had fun playing outside in the sprinkler and water rocket. It's been pretty hot, so it was a fun way to be outside and stay cool.

Claire was leaning over the water rocket, and Parker was leaning over her. She raised up and knocked his already loose teeth. Claire has a huge knot on her head, and Parker has two less teeth! One of the teeth is hidden somewhere in the yard and is yet to be found. The other was barely hanging, so he pulled it right out. His new teeth have already pushed through the gums, so we think he'll have them soon. Since he will have them before Christmas, I decided we should sing "All I want for Labor Day is my two front teeth...."!
I think he's proud of his new look. I told him he looks a little like a vampire (which he loved of course). He's even prouder of the money the tooth fairy left for him.

My baby keeps growing up whether I like it or not!

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Staci said...

Love it! So this happened after I saw you guys? Hope he was compensated for the lost tooth, too! :)