Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Spent More Than Tim McGraw

He only spent $48 last night at the county fair (according to his song).  I wish that was all we spent!  We figured that second mortgage was worth it for those tickets, rides, and food.  After all, we're makin' memories!

When your school playground backs up the the fairgrounds, you get to watch them set up for a week before it opens.  The excitement is almost too much to handle.  So of course, it's only fitting that one must attend the fair on opening night. 

Parker ran into some buddies right away.  He was thrilled!

Jack, Ben & Parker

Yes, in case you're wondering, I am afraid of fair rides.  How safe can they be when they put them up and take them down constantly (and very quickly I might add)? I was a much happier mama when Parker and Claire were content with the little bumblebee ride that flew very close to the ground.  
This ride was a little tamer!
Megan was there!
Lots of cows were there too.  I guess that's to be expected.  We took the usual tour through the cow barns, the barnyard nursery (awww), and the reptile house (ewww).
I thought this ChickfilA sign was funny posted above the chickens.
Petting a sweet baby duck.  Did I ever tell you I had a duck when I was little?
Another dangerous ride
They didn't ride the big ferris wheel. THANK GOODNESS!
Dangerous rides continue

Bumper cars are a little safer I suppose.

The Big Slide
We also got to see Jake Owen, so that was fun too!

Parker is begging to go again before the week is over.  We said no.  Can we hold to that decision, or will the bright lights and smell of manure be too much to resist? Only time will tell.  And we'll have to check with the bank to see if they will consider giving us a third mortgage.

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