Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It Was A Good One

This is how my weekend started out:

There was also this:
So delicious!
I was a little concerned on Saturday morning when I discovered this scene in Parker's bed:
It appeared to be some sort of hostage situation.
As it turned out, to every one's relief, the poor bunny was merely in the hospital.  He had all sorts of equipment helping him breathe, administering intravenous medicines, and giving him shots.  

Claire went to her friend Zoe's birthday party.
Then thanks to the best Nana in the world, Brian and I had a real date! Complete with Stir Fry Cafe AND a real movie (like in the theater and everything)!
It appears I may have taken a bite before taking the picture.  Priorities, people!

After church and lunch on Sunday, we set up a redneck water slide right in our back yard.  

Of course, they loved every minute of it! 

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Unknown said...

I'm pretty upset I was not invited to the redneck water slide!!!