Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Wheels

Parker and Claire both got new bikes a while back.  Parker had finally decided that he wanted to learn to ride a bike.  He is probably a little older than average for learning, but if you know him at all then you know he has to decide for himself.  He's very cautious by nature, so it has been a scary thing for him in the past to just let go and try! When he finally decided he was going to do it, he did! Like it was no big deal! Love that sweet boy! 

Claire is very adventurous by nature and sure doesn't want her brother doing something that she can't do.  However, it's been a bit more challenging for her.  She's starting to get the hang of it and will be speeding off on her own with just a little more practice.  I'm so proud of both of them for trying and persevering!

Claire was also helping our neighbor ride his bike.
Before long, we had this scene in front of our house!
Lots of kids and lots of great neighbors!

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