Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pioneer Days

Parker's 4th grade class has been learning about pioneers.  They went on a field trip to Oak Hill School a couple of weeks ago.  I was so happy to get to go with them.  

The kids dressed up like pioneers, and carried their lunches in pails.  They were all supposed to only bring foods that children would have likely eaten for lunch in the 1800s.  Parker borrowed one of Papaw's hats for the occasion and looked so handsome.
 Oak Hill School is an actual school from long ago that has been preserved.
 The boys were instructed to bow to the teacher.
 They actually had real lessons in most of the subject areas.  

 Here he is writing on a tablet.

 Spelling Bee
 The fourth grade class outside the school

 Parker and Emme
 Lunch time!

 Later that week, they had a full day at school with more pioneer activities.  
 They learned how to make candles and pillows.  They even had sewing lessons and a hay ride.
 Square dancing!
All of the events were really neat, and the kids seemed to learn lots!

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