Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jason Aldean!

Megan and I were lucky ducks because Andy hooked us up with free Jason Aldean tickets AND MEET AND GREETS!!!  For all of you non-country fans out there, that is a big deal!

We were just a tiny bit excited.

Excitement: Exhibit A
We headed back to the Meet and Greet area.

Then Martin from Duck Dynasty came in to see Jason.  It was fun to see him too!

Here I am in front of his truck. Ha!
He was super nice!
We finally made it back to our seats.
Jake Owen

And Jason!

It was a really great night! 

Of course, now Jason and I are BFFs.

But for the record, I had nothing to do with this little announcement that came out a few days after I met him.

He may be Jason Aldean, but he's no Brian Murray.

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