Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Cocoa Creme Is Well Deserved

The truth is that I haven't been to school in five days.  Well actually, I've been to the physical school four out of the five last days, including Sunday.  However, I wasn't there during the school day with my class.  I already told you about my personal day on Friday.  Then yesterday, I had a class I had to go to across town.  I was technically working I suppose.  Then today, I had an appointment...
"Oh, no she didn't just put a picture of stirrups on the blog!"
"Oh, yes.  I did."
 Here's the thing, I had A LOT of time to kill while I waited for one whole hour and forty-five whole minutes for the doctor.  So, I took the picture.  And texted it to three people.  That's just how I roll.  I needed some people to feel sorry for me. 
Anyway, with that lovely appointment finally over, I was footloose and fancy free.
Brian met me for lunch at Fatz.  We had a little fellow from Fatz visit the school a few weeks ago.  He gave all of the teachers gift certificates, so I figured we might as well use them.  If I'm being honest (Simon Cowell), I've never been much of a Fatz fan.  It was pretty good though.
Then I ran a few errands, tried on some clothes, and picked up my free Chik-fil-a sandwich (no pickles).  I'm saving it for lunch tomorrow.  Don't tell me it will be soggy.  I'm willing to take the risk.  Cut me some slack...I've had a rough day (see picture numero uno).

I finally have all of my "chores" for the evening finished, and this is about to happen:

The artist formerly known as Hostess Ding Dong
I want to state for the record that I talked myself right out of that ice cream and oreos the other night.  But it's about to get real up in here.

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