Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pinterest: Fail

Phoebe the doll had a little bit of a hairy situation.  Her hair was a hot mess.  We decided to try a Pinterest doll hair solution.

So Phoebe got in her salon chair, and we went to work.

We started by mixing fabric softener and water in a spray bottle just as Pinterest told us to do.
It didn't work worth a flip.

(I should probably explain that Phoebe is a special needs doll because she had a tragic accident when she was younger in which she lost her right leg.  She is doing beautifully now adjusting to life with one leg.  When we tried to order a new leg for her from the company, they sent Claire a brand new doll.  That was very nice of them, and Claire also loves her new doll named Rosetta that is Phoebe's two-legged twin.  However, Claire really just wanted Phoebe healed as any mother would.  Claire insists that she loves Phoebe just the same, just like I would love her the same if she only had one leg.  Awww! Anyway, back at the time of the accident, Claire didn't want the news shared because she was too sad to tell the world.  Now, all is well.)
After the spray bottle didn't work, we just filled the sink with water and fabric softener and went for it.
Then Claire wrapped her head in a towel and left her like this to dry.  Bless her little one-legged heart.

(HA! I just noticed my curly toes in the corner!)
I don't have an after shot.
If you want to know how she looks now, see picture number one above.

Pinterest: Fail

(Anybody have an idea for what to try next???)

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