Friday, May 31, 2013

Pardonee-moi s'il vous plait

I guess that high school French does come in handy every once in a while.

So here's the thing...I'm way behind, but I have a good excuse. I survived the last week of school last week. If you think being a parent during the last week(s) of school is hard, then try being a parent AND a teacher during that time. Everybody is just o.v.e.r. it all, yet we have 748 activities to attend/participate/prepare for/send money for/send food for/take pictures of/etc/etc/etc. You get the picture. In fact, you've probably just lived it yourself.

But we all survived and I am here to officially proclaim: "School Is Out"!!!

So we finished up on Friday. Then on Saturday, Claire got strep. Yep, strep. Saturday through Monday. Swimming Tuesday. Then Parker got strep. Yep, strep. Wednesday-Now. Happy Summer To Me.

So maybe you can forgive me for being so behind on posting.  (I know nobody really cares if/when I post...this is more about forgiving myself) ;)

I will return soon with more Honor's Day/Field Day/Field Trip/Last Day of School pictures than you could ever hope or imagine.

In the mean time, go here to read Jen Hatmaker's view on the last month of school. Then nod your head in agreement.

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