Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cheesy Sausage Quiche

Years ago, my friends at church put together a little cookbook.  It has been used and loved well!

I have made lots of the recipes in this book many times, and this poor little book is really showing it!

One of my favorite recipes to make from this treasured book is Cheesy Sausage Quiche.
(Sidenote: See that lasagna recipe below the quiche? Oh honey, it's good.  The very best.)

Brian and I both love it, but the kids really just won't get on board.  Parker tolerates it, but Claire acts like I am asking her to eat live aardvark every time I serve it.  I just don't understand why they don't like it because they both love omelets, and it's very similar.  

Salad is usually the best side dish for this, but last time I made it I served salad AND carrots.  CARROTS?!?! How could I make them eat quiche and carrots in the same meal? I'm just horrible. Horrible. 

If you want the recipe, you can probably click on the picture and make it bigger, or just let me know.  I always use regular breakfast sausage instead of sausage links.  Sometimes I leave out the green pepper to try to make the little picky people happier.  I always add more cheese.  Because more cheese is always good.  Amen.

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