Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekend Update

 The weather was perfect all weekend which made it extra special.  The problem is that it makes us all a little too eager for spring when it's only the end of February. 

On Friday night, our family went to serve food at the Haven of Mercy.  Then we went out to eat at Applebee's.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that Applebee's was dead to me back in the day.  I like it a little better now, so I tolerate it!  However, I think the prices go up every time we go, so I'm keeping my eye on you Applebee's. 

 Saturday, I got to visit with a friend for a little while. Then we took the kids to play outside. 
 Sunday, we went to church and lunch with family then played and rested.

I woke up Monday feeling like an elephant jumped up and down on my head all night.  I've been having headaches and allergy problems off and on, but good grief it got bad!  I went to school but had to leave early for a trip to the doctor.  Three days later, I'm still not feeling great! Ugh!

 My friend found Claire a Reese's shirt to match the one Parker wears every chance he gets!

We joke all the time about Parker and his Reese's shirt.  He just flat out loves it and would wear it every day if I would let him.  Even when it's dirty.  And stinky.  

They look cute in their matching shirts! 
(I rarely get to match them like I did all the time when they were little.  I'll take what I can get!)

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