Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I Learned In February

1.  A bad sinus infection can flat knock you down.

2.  Antibiotics don't always work as quickly as I would like them to work.

3.  Little bits of warm weather make the cold and snow that much harder.

4.  All Pinterest recipes are NOT what they claim to be.

5.  Finding holes in otherwise good, newish children's clothes is not a good way to start a day.

6.  I really love Golden Grahams cereal, and I get irritated when someone eats the last of it.

7.  Steroids are not my friend.  They keep me awake all night.

8.  Not getting sufficient sleep makes me miserable.  And quite unpleasant to be around.

9.  Finding curtains in the style and color I want is completely impossible.

10.  I'm not a fan of The Bachelor this season.  Bye, bye Juan Pablo.

11.  Harry and Keith are a nice addition to American Idol.  Finally.

12.  Cadbury eggs are one of my love languages.  Bok, bok.

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