Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Update: "Just Leave Me Here To Die" Edition

We had a pretty relaxing weekend!

 Friday night, we just stayed home and took selfies.
 On Saturday, Brian went to work on construction at the church for most of the day. I cleaned a little then got on a big organization kick. I mentioned to Claire that she needed to clean up her room. Oh my, the drama that ensued. She literally got in her bed and cried. When I went to talk to her she said (AND I QUOTE), "Just leave me here to die". And she's only eight. Heaven help us all.

It is important to note that she is very messy. She throws stuff everywhere, creating perfect hiding places for rats to come in and build nests. When questioned about it, she says she likes it that way. 
Me: "Do you want to have nests suitable for rats in your room? Do you really want to live like this?"
Claire: "Sure. I like rats. Welcome all rats." 
Or something like that.

Anyway, we worked for a long, long time in the aforementioned rat's nest. It looks fabulous. Just as I like it, clean and straightened. It will likely stay that way for approximately half a day until the rats show back up with their couches, lamps, and welcome mats. 

Next, I moved on to a little place I like to call UNDER THE STAIRS, otherwise known as THE PLACE TOYS GO TO DIE. We clean it out every once in a while, but somehow it's always just a mess. We recently decided to move Max's bedroom to UNDER THE STAIRS because we are ready to reclaim our half bath for actual bathroom purposes. I was thinking of renaming Max Harry Potter since he will be sleeping under the stairs. The closet got all cleaned out and organized.  Max spent his first night in there last night and did great. Bless him. 

P.S. Brian finally acknowledged that we do in fact have room for another dog. However, for the record, I am not to get my hopes up or to get the kids hopes up.

In other news, my hopes are up.

So after a long day of working and cleaning AND a week of healthy eating, we took ourselves to Ridgewood for some homemade blue cheese and the best barbeque known to man. I had looked forward to it all day. I couldn't wait. I had only eaten a few bites in preparation for the big event. 

The line was so long that it stretched out the door and down through the parking lot. The pain is still too fresh to really speak of it, but we ended up having to eat somewhere different.

(First world problems)

We also made a stop for some ice cream.The kids love to go to Dollar General  and pick our their own ice cream from the freezer. Everybody gets what they want. DG for the win!

 I may have picked up a little something for myself to ease the lingering Ridgewood grief.
After church on Sunday, we ate lunch and headed to the mall. Claire has grown so much lately and has no shorts that fit her at all. Since we are headed on a vacation soon to a (hopefully) warm place, she needed some shorts badly. She tried on about 794 pairs until we found a few that would fit. It seems all the shorts are super short even for little girls. I dread trying to find them for her long legs when she actually is a teenager because I know it's hard to find anything modest at that age! 

I also finished Restless this weekend. It is such a great book, and I learned a lot about myself. I may write a little more about the book later, but I highly, highly recommend it!

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