Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Update: Doughnut and Meximelt Edition

We had another fun weekend.  The weather was nice, and we didn't have too much on the calendar.  On Friday night, our family went to serve at Haven of Mercy then over to help at IHN (a local organization where lots of churches work together to assist the homeless population in our area).

After that, we had some free doughnut coupons that were burning a hole in our pockets.  People, they expired the very next day.  So, I ask you, what choice did we have? We had to get them! I actually was able to resist eating one until Saturday morning since I had already had dessert, but it was HARD!

 Saturday was such a pretty day so we went to the park.  So did everybody else because it was very crowded! Then we went home and grilled some yummy food.

 Sunday we went to church and out to eat at a very fancy local establishment called Taco Bell.  

Sidenote: I went through a long period where I never ever wanted to go to Taco Bell.  I think we have established that I am quite picky.  The meat got chunky and the quality just seemed to go (even farther) down.  (I'm laughing because I'm talking about Taco Bell and quality in the same paragraph.) Anyway, I've recently rediscovered a love for two beef meximelts no pico sauce.  I have no idea why, but I've encouraged my people to take advantage of it while it lasts.
One side of the table

And the other side


   I'm not sure why I'm holding my hands like that.  I must have been on the verge on a cheer or maybe some jazz hands.
Why so serious, sweet Brianaby?
 The rest of Sunday was rainy, so we stayed home and caught up around the house.  Please don't interpret that as cleaning because that didn't happen.  Yes, it should have.  But it didn't.

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