Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Valentine Star

Claire has been SO EXCITED for weeks about her school program.  She has listened to the music cd over and over.  She has practiced her lines AND everybody else's lines over and over.  She has rehearsed the choreography over and over.  She has prayed there would be no snow day, delay, or early dismissal on program day. Over and over. Bless her heart, she was so excited.

Then yesterday, on the eleventh day of February two thousand fourteen, the year of our Lord, program day finally arrived.  She eagerly got dressed, big Valentine bow and all.  She was more than ready!
I was especially blessed because I got to see the school performance during the day and the evening performance.  I am thrilled to announce that Miss Claire Murray is a true natural.  She delivered her lines perfectly.  She stood tall and sang every word.  Of course, she was the most beautiful actress on the stage, said her unbiased mother.  
It turns out practicing everybody else's lines came in handy because she got to say extra lines for someone who wasn't able to be there in the evening performance.  

  Grandma came to watch her perform.
Way to go Claire! We are so proud of you!!!

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