Friday, January 9, 2009

9 Things in 2009

9 favorite tv shows (no particular order)
  1. American Idol
  2. The Office
  3. Lost
  4. What Not To Wear
  5. Jon and Kate plus 8
  6. Tha Bachelor (hoping Jason finds someone great!)
  7. The Biggest Loser
  8. Dancing With The Stars
  9. Grey's Anatomy

9 favorite restaurants (also in no particular order)

  1. Altruda's (Knoxville)
  2. Carrabba's
  3. Outback
  4. Ridgewood Barbeque
  5. Italian Village
  6. La Caretta
  7. Greg's Pizza
  8. TGI Friday's
  9. Moto

9 Things that I did today (so far)

  1. Got myself and both kids ready, breakfast, lunches packed, dropped both kids off at school
  2. Bible study
  3. Volunteered in Parker's class (cut out 250 little green and yellow circles) and ate lunch with him
  4. Went to Sam's (exciting life!) and sampled food :)
  5. Talked to my bff (several times) Ha!
  6. Called the doctor
  7. Took both kids to McDonald's to play
  8. Called Brian repeatedly at work ~ sometimes to say hi and sometimes with "vital" information
  9. Cooked dinner

9 Things I look forward to

  1. Dinner tonight (ribs in the crockpot smell yummy)
  2. My Birthday (I look forward to it all year)
  3. Vacations
  4. Hot Chocolate
  5. Finishing the third Twilight book
  6. Seeing a David Cook concert :)
  7. Warmer weather and less rain
  8. Fun with friends (girl's night, weekend trips, etc)
  9. Catching up on scrapbooking
Too many to name: Next Christmas! More fun times with family, especially Brian and the kids! I could go on and on ~ life is exciting!

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