Saturday, January 17, 2009

Please let me introduce you

To Mike and Karen
and to Antoine and Amy

Parents with their children

Parker saw this ugly, UGLY two-headed dragon a couple of months before Christmas. I did NOT like it at all! Of course, Parker loved it. Santa brought it for Christmas (against my better judgment). Apparently these dragons were assigned names yesterday. The biggest dragons will henceforth be called Mike and Karen. FYI, Karen is the one sticking her head out in front. I would like to take this opportunity to say that these dragons in no way resemble Parker's Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen.
Then Parker moved on to name the baby two-headed dragon. They now answer to Amy and Antoine. They also do not resemble Aunt Amy in any way! However, we aren't sure who Antoine is and why Uncle Mark was left out of the naming process.
If I were Uncle Mark, I think I would take it as a compliment!

Now I would like to introduce...
Saber Tooth Pirate Octopus
He eats dragon jellyfish like this one

AND Regular Pumas like this one
I sure am glad he doesn't eat irregular pumas! That might be a little odd!
Parker's imagination never ceases to amaze me!


Shell in your Pocket said...

How fun!!! I love m&m..peanut or regular!
-sandy toe

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Did he draw that himself on a magnadoodle? OH MY GRACIOUS! That's amazing!