Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Such A Big Girl

Claire went to the dentist for the first time today. She was supposed to just meet the dentist and meet the big stuffed moose with the huge teeth and toothbrush today. When we got there, Mrs. Kim (my friend from my church when I was younger) told me the dentist was running behind, and it would be quicker just to do a cleaning. We would still get to meet the dentist for a minute (just not the moose I suppose). I was totally convinced that Claire would NOT want to get her teeth cleaned or even lay on the table. I was prepared to watch everyone in the whole office cover their ears with the wailing that was bound to happen. BUT...

Mrs. Kim did a great job of letting her hold all the tools and talking to her about everything in such a sweet way that Claire wasn't afraid.

She did great! Here she is picking out a treasure for herself and one for her brother. They are always so sweet to remember each other in those situations.

Claire with Mrs. Kim

Today was also Parker's 100th Day of School. Here he is wearing his caterpillar hat, 100 day glasses and necklace. They did tons of fun "100" activities. He had so much to tell us about when he got home.

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