Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Takes One To Know One, Sassy Pants

American Idol (Top 36, Round 2)

I wasn't planning to do an American Idol post until the top twelve start performing, HOWEVER, when Norman took his turn last night I just couldn't resist! So here goes...

1. Jasmine ~ cute, but ehhhh...
2. Matt G. ~ Fastforward
3. Jeanine ~ Fastforward

This is a mind-blowing recap so far, isn't it? Remember, I didn't start taking serious notes until Norman took the stage.

4. Norman/Nick ~ Well, according to his song, he thinks he's not going. The judges seem to wish he would go (away). I'm just not sure what to think, but y'all, when he did that karate kick I almost fell off the couch.
5. Allison ~ The judges said she "blew it out the box", could "sing the telephone book" (that's original), and "girl can work a microphone stand". Good to know. If AI doesn't work out, maybe she can open up a microphone stand, kind of like a lemonade stand, only with microphones. WHAT?!?!
6. Kris ~ Simon says the chicks are gonna love him. While I do think he's a cutie-patooty, I'm not sure he has what it takes to make it through to the next round.
7. Megan ~ Her song talks about letting her hair down. She definitely accomplished that. Girl's got alotta hair. I'm just sayin'. The judges seem to like her. I mean come on, Paula said, "I Heart You". That's serious. Simon called her "a funny little thing", and Randy said she's definitely "drop dead". Nothing about her made me drop dead though, not even faint.

PAUSE: I'm struggling here because I want to be honest dawgs and dawgettes, but I don't want to be ugly. ALL of these folks on AI can sing WAY better than I ever thought about singing. I couldn't even blow it out the itty-bitty box. I applaud the talent that took them this far, and their courage to get on that stage at all. That being said, shall we continue?

8. Matt The Welder ~ I had really high hopes for this cat, but it was a little bit safe. The judges seemed to think he "fell flat". They reminded him that he's a cool guy though. I'm sure the "cool" part made up for all the negative comments.
9. Jesse ~ She looked like she was in pain while she was singing parts of this song. I thought she sang ok, but that "talking back" to the judges DRIVES ME CRAZY! I don't tolerate my kids talking back, and I won't tolerate it on AI either. A lot of the contestants have been talking back, so I am wondering if the producers are encouraging it. I really, really don't like it! Jesse was the worst in the talking back category last night. The judges did have some interesting comments. According to Randy, she didn't "blow it out the box". Kara called her slinky with issues and moments, and Simon said she was forgettable, but not before calling her performance "too cool for school". That was another laugh out loud moment for me.
10. Kai ~ I thought he was pretty good overall. His wild hair kept my attention. The judges thought is was corny, old-fashioned, and safe. Paula said something about him basically being good, except when he wasn't good. Huh?
11. Mishavonna ~ I liked this gal pretty good. The judges weren't overly impressed, but based on her competition for the evening, she did really well in my book.
12. Adam aka Pete Wentz ~ We found out he's been in musical theater since he was 12. That might have a little effect on his performances, ya think? It remains to be seen if that experience will help him or hurt him in the long run. Simon called it excruciatingly brilliant (or something like that). The other judges seemed to really dig him. He definitely has the best voice of that group, but then they compared him to Edward Cullen. Umm, Not so much.

My predictions:
Adam, Mishavonna or Allison, and (gasp) Norman/Nick

What do you all think?


Rachael said...

I didn't really know what to think about Norman/Nick. American Idol hasn't ever had anyone like him. I personally don't think it make it through.

My prediction:
Adam, Kris or Mishavonna, and my favorite Allison. I think she's cute and I love her voice.

Shelley said...

It's really hard to be positive this year, isn't it. Overall, I still like Danny Gokey the best. :) Here's to hoping NEXT week's 12 are better!

LisaLisa said...

I was really disappointed by Jasmine's song choice--she has such an amazing voice and that song just didn't showcase it. During the audition round I had really high hopes for her, and not just because she's my hometown girl. Hope she'll be invited back for the wildcard show.
I love Norman and I, too, just about fell off the couch laughing at that whole performance. Unfortunately he probably won't be given a second chance.
Most of the night's performances were just plain painful and I was so glad when the torture was over. To close on Adam Lambert was a smart move, but he makes me cringe too. I'm just not that into him yet!