Friday, October 30, 2009

Oink, Oink!

We've just returned from the doctor. I woke up feeling yucky today, and then when I picked Claire up from preschool she had a fever. We went straight to the doctor because there have been four other children in her class with confirmed swine flu. Well....they aren't even testing anymore for flu at that office because the test is apparently not very reliable. They didn't even want to give us prescriptions for Tamiflu, but I insisted. So far, we aren't getting them filled because neither of us is feeling bad enough to KNOW it's flu. I will be watching her closely though! I'll be quick as an ostrich to get that bad boy prescription filled if she gets worse at all!


Unknown said...

i had heard the same thing about the flu test....that it wasn't reliable and that many people were testing positive but didn't actually have the flu.

Hope you are all well soon!

Rachael said...

Tim wanted me to tell you to take some oinkment and you'll feel better.

I hope you and Claire get to be feeling better soon!