Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Always Keep My Promises

So I'm about to hit you with some riveting photos.

Last night, Parker and Claire spent the night with Nana, so Brian and I went to Chop House.  Brian LOVES Chop House with all of his heart.  We usually go about once a year for his birthday, so this non-birthday trip was extra special.  I like it, but I don't love it (kind of like dark chocolate).

So the first picture that I give you is this:

My salad

Picture number two:
My steak and baked potato
 Now before you get too excited, I should just tell you that it wasn't as good as it looks.  See that potato up there? It was (three words) Fab.U.Lous.  BUT:
My steak was a little weird.  It had a whacked out texture or something.  I didn't say a word though because I didn't want to ruin Brian's ultimate Chop House experience that he had going on.  Then all of a sudden he said, "This steak is a little different tonight.  The texture is strange and the flavor is a little off".
Yes! I knew it!

So he says they get one more chance, and if it's not-so-great again, then it's over.  He's already planning a break up.  Even though I just moderately like the place, I actually feel a little nervous for Chop House.  

Because we are party animals, we went to Barnes and Noble after dinner. 

Here is Brian's dessert: 
Two forks...but I didn't take a single bite
 This was my dessert:
That's all I have for you today.  Except that I accidentally squirted my "only thing that keeps me from being totally bald" conditioner onto my body loofah thingee.  So I'm afraid that the hair on my arms will suddenly grow in think and full.  Wonder if it would work on eyebrows?

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