Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Real Stinker

Parker was in a musical program tonight at school.  Several months ago, he told me that they were starting to practice for the play.  The play was about a bug picnic.  He REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to be the Stinkbug.  Apparently, several of the boys wanted the part, and the competition was fierce.  Naturally, he was delighted when he officially got the part.  It's a part that suits him quite well, I might add! He's a stinker ~ that's for sure!

Here he is before the show with his "I Stink" shirt with socks and trash hanging all over it.
 The dirty face made him extra stinky!
 With his beautiful butterfly friend Emme

 He had several lines, and of course I thought he stole the show.  Some of the other bugs were being mean to the stinkbug because he smelled so bad.  So the stinkbug got his feelings hurt.
 Then they sang a song to him and hugged him to cheer him up.

 He did so great, and I'm super proud of him!
Nana & Claire 
I love both of these little stinkers! 
 After the performance, some of the cast decided among themselves that they needed a cast party at Dairy Queen.  
 When we got home, Brian felt it necessary to try on the bug hat.
(Parker photobombing in the background)
Great night!

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Cameron Morrison said...

Michele, I think we're from the same town! What a small world! If I'm correct, my youngest sister goes to the same school as your kids! (I just happened to recognize the school from your pictures.) :)

Blessings to you and your family.