Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Day

So I just posted about Parker's fun program at school tonight on the other blog.  He did such a wonderful job in the role of Stinkbug.  Now I'm sitting here on my "letting it all hang out" blog reflecting on this day.

1.  I had my last evaluation for this school year today.  Everything went really well, so I'm not complaining.  Just admitting the fact that I am tired from the anticipation and carry through.  So thankful it's over, and I can feel good about it.  But tired.  So very tired.

2. An afternoon of homework, dinner and clean-up, fancying up a stinkbug, and racing back to school.

3. An evening of cheering on a stinkbug from the audience, taking pictures, and feeling proud.

4. Home, bedtime, preparing stuff for tomorrow, etc.

5. Hearing a cry, rushing in and finding a child covered (and I mean covered) in vomit.  Cleaning up a bed (with help from the most wonderful husband and daddy in the world), changing sheets, starting the washing machine, helping with an unplanned shower, and tucking in for a second time tonight.  Predicting that it could be a long night.

6. Feeling thankful that I get to be here for every single part of it.  And I wouldn't change a thing.  Except maybe the vomit.

(I really don't like that word.  The "v" word.  I just don't like any of the alternatives either.)

7. Praying.

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