Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BIG NEWS! (Don't get too excited)

I have some big time news, but first I need to catch you up starting with this:

Max likes Carrie Underwood
In fact, he loves country music in general.  He listens to it when we're gone from the house.  Would you expect anything different from my dog?

I made these yummy chicken enchiladas last week.  I've made them before, but this time I added some cheddar to give it more color (and of course more flavor).  Very good!

 Claire was all dressed up for school picture day last week.  Parker wasn't interested in posing an additional time that day.  One time was enough for the ever pleasant school picture photographers.  
 Friday night, we ate dinner at Mom's with a bunch of lovely family.  
 We also watched some of the UT game, but this little lady was the star of the night (as usual).
 After church on Sunday, we celebrated Ron's birthday.

Now for the BIG NEWS! 

First, Dancing With The Stars is back! YAY! YIPPEE! It's better than ever with the all star cast.  Go watch it! It really was good last night.


(I told you not to get too excited.)
(Maybe it's not big news for you, but it is for me.)
(Calm down.)

Anyway, I am so excited because I just think he's such a super nice guy.  I was terribly distraught when he was heartbroken last season (even though I knew it was best for him).  

It doesn't come on until January.  

I may mention it a time or two before then.  Sorry. 

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Becky said...

I never read blogs anymore and then realized you keep yours up. You're so good. AND you're funny too.