Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Rest Of The Week

EPIC Week continued...

Decade Day ~ Parker and Claire picked the 50's! 

I made lasagna on Thursday night, and Mom came to eat with us again.  

Friday night, we had our big EPIC celebration at school.  We had lots of inflatables, corn hole, music, food, face painting, and lots of fun.  I had to work a shift in the concession stand, so that was interesting for me.  Ha!

 On Saturday, Claire went to a birthday party.  It was her first experience with skating.  These pictures aren't   very good because of the lighting in the building (and the pitiful photographer).  I was so proud of her determination.  By the end of the night, she was rolling around and really getting the hang of it.

 Saturday night, I had some cuddle time with this special boy.
Playing Possum

"I see you, Mama"
 Andy and Miriam were in town this weekend, so we loved seeing them today.
 We ate a fan-cee lunch at Arby's after church with Nana, Mike, Karen, and Caleb.

Tonight, the kids watched the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, then we had meatball subs.

One more thing...

Look what arrived yesterday! 

It's going to be a crazy week because our first and second graders have to take a Pre-TCAP test this week. It should be very interesting since my little people are still learning to hold their pencil correctly and sit still for five minutes (give or take four minutes). This will be a TOTALLY new experience for them! The first test is 80 minutes if that gives you any idea what we're up against.  I'll let you know how it goes! 

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