Friday, September 7, 2012

Well It Appears I Have Some Catching Up To Do

I guess I've been a tiny bit busy.  
(Understatement of the century)

I don't like busy.  It's not cool.  It's just life sometimes I guess.

So let's head back to last weekend for a few minutes, if you will...

Just a sweet picture of Brian and Claire watching tv:
I just noticed that empty 2 liter sitting beside on the table beside the chair.  I have no idea why it's there, but I assure you we don't sit and drink out of 2 liters while watching tv. Unless it's National 2 Liter Day, in which case, Party On! 

 Saturday morning brought out some old school toys:
 And this good ol' pirate made an appearance.  He came in and said, "Would you like a piece of my booty?"
I kid you not.
 I'm not sure how this happened.  But it did.  And I own it.
 At some point, we had the return of the redneck water slide. 
Oh, yes we did.
 Care to take a guess?
 Bacon macaroni and cheese.  For real.  Oh emm gee.
Please take note of the fancy dinnerware.  That's right, I bring out the good stuff for Labor Day.

 Parker had a little project to do for school.

 Edible Animal Cell

 Labor Day led us to Chuck E. Cheese for a little fun and games.
 Then Juliet spent the night on the floor beside me.  In Claire's words, "She freaks me out when she looks at me in the night".  For the record, I didn't notice Juliet looking at me in the night when she stayed in my room. She has since moved back to Claire's bed.
So there you go.  Random pictures from last weekend.  I know your life is now complete.

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