Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Parties & Such

The last few days have been a bit hectic.  My class celebrated Grinch Day with lots of Grinchy activities all day long on Monday.  Here are some of my little friends:

 We went to Fuddrucker's on Monday night for dinner.  Yep, breakin' all the rules again.
 On Tuesday, Claire and I both wore pajamas for our Polar Express Day in first grade. 
(Please excuse the humongous hump on my head.  What in the world?)
 My class on Polar Express Day in our pajamas
 Yesterday, we all had Christmas party breakfasts at school.  

Look at these loaded up plates in my class.
 I did get to visit Parker and Claire's classes for a few minutes.  
 Brian got to go to their parties too.


 Last night, we had our Life Group Christmas party.  I got to hold Paxton for a little while.  You can see that he was as thrilled as I was about that.
 After Life Group, Max discovered the gingerbread man that Claire had put in front of our tree.  He always gets so suspicious when there's something new in our house that he thinks doesn't belong.  It's obvious that he was ready to attack that vicious gingerbread man if we needed him to protect us.  It's hard to hear, but he was growling a lot at him
(You may hear Miss Universe in the background because I still can't resist a good beauty pageant.  I guess it's just in my southern blood.)

Today is our first day of Christmas break.  I've cleaned all morning, and I'm planning to finally wrap, wrap, wrap after the kids go to bed tonight.  I'm really looking forward to getting it all done so I can hopefully relax a little over the next few days.  Hope you're enjoying your Thursday!

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