Friday, December 7, 2012

Grammy Nomination Concert

Because I know some people who know some people twice removed, I had a really fun opportunity to go to Nashville for the Grammy Nominations Concert. There were lots of great performers and presenters there, and we somehow ended up on (almost) the front row.  Just one girl and a blasted security rail separated me from my beloved Luke (Bryan) and Adam (Levine).  

 LL Cool J performed before the live show to record a commercial advertising the Grammy's.
 Dierks Bentley and The Band Perry
 There's Luke 
 Taylor Swift and LL were the hosts. LL and I are on a first name basis.  Or a first inital basis.  Or whatever.
 That would by Adam.
 Rachael, Me, & Lisa
 Adam again!
 Me & Megan
 Luke again!
 Tim was there too, but he was mainly there for photography purposes it seems.
 The rest of the group
Ted, Tyler, Megan, Miriam, Me, Emilee, Becky, & Caleb
 Taylor walked right by us.
Maroon 5 did a little concert after the Live show, so that was fabulous of course.  I have lots of other pictures and videos, but I figured I should just post the highlights.  Lisa and I got to spend the night in Hendersonville with Rachael and Tim at their new house.  That was really fun!  We went back to their house and watched the show.  We saw ourselves on tv a few times and immediately hired agents and managers.  Clearly, we were born to be stars.  Just like Luke and Adam.  And all the others.

(Not pictured: Ne-Yo, fun., Hunter Hayes, Sheryl Crow, Chris Young, Little Big Town, girl who stood in front of me and raised her arm every time I tried to take a picture, girl who tried and tried to push her way in front of Tyler and stinky boy who stood beside Tim)


Rachael said...

Too funny! I love this post and I love that we were able to spend such a fun night together!! I miss you already!!

Becky said...

HOW FUN! I am just now catching up on your blog. You look fab. :)