Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just Business As Usual

 We had a fairly uneventful weekend.  So nice! Friday night, I had a hair appointment.  It was WAY overdue.    My eyebrows looked like two grumpy caterpillars, and my roots were grown out half way down my head.  I was quite unpleasant to look upon to say the least.  Then we made Chef Boyardee pizza at home.  

That's right, Mr. Pizza Crust himself, allowed the good ole' Chef BRD back into our kitchen.  It has been a long time since we have brought the red box into our house.  We went through the whole pizza dough debacle, and we usually just order out.  Oh, it was so good.  Just like I remembered.  My compliments to the "Chef".

We had no plans for Saturday (for once!), so we stayed home all day.  I read.  A lot.  That was so nice.  The kids played and enjoyed just hanging out at home.  

Claire took Max's temperature.  You know, just a normal Saturday.
 Business as usual.
 At church, the kids acted out their Bible story in class.  Parker played the part of the sheep.  
He said the sheep got a little choked on a candy cane.  I'm not sure where that part is in the Bible.  
 "And the shepherds were watching their flock by night when the candy cane of the Lord suddenly appeared and the sheep choked."  Nope, doesn't ring a bell.  

Anyway, Claire was an angel.  Awww! 

We have a short week with only two and half days.  I'm looking forward to Christmas break for sure.  I have been so sad though about the horrible situation in Connecticut.  Of course, it hits home for sure.  As a parent, I can't imagine anything worse.  As a teacher, I can't imagine anything worse.  I went to bed crying Friday night thinking of what those parents were going through.  I am praying for all of them as well as the surviving students, faculty members, and the whole community.  Jesus, please be near.

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