Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let's Ride

Parker and Brian served at a community event on Saturday.  They just happened to run into these lovely ladies...
What a nice surprise!
Nana & Aunt Brenda

 Parker got to help lead the Pledge.

 Unfortunately, Claire and I were at home all day on Saturday.  She wasn't feeling well on Friday night.  Then things went from bad to worse. If you know what I mean.  Yuck.  Bless her heart.

I did enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate when things settled down a bit.
Today, she seemed to feel better so we headed to church.  Brian and I worked with the Elevate kids, and she acted puny the whole time.  So after a fanceeeeeeee lunch at Burger King (BOGO $0.55 Whopper ~ whoop, whoop), we headed home for her to rest.  She seems way better tonight, so let's hope that continues.  And that nobody else gets it.  Please.

Two good things to report:
1. We booked our vacation for next summer in the big MB.  I love getting that taken care of and officially on the calendar.  Yes, we start early.  I've been known to reserve in August for the following year.  Don't judge me.  I just love me some Myrtle Beach.

2.  I went to town (just like Laura Ingalls Wilder) this afternoon because I noticed some great deals advertised for some things I was planning to get the kids for Christmas.  Listen people, I was on a mission.  I went to Target, Walmart, Kmart, and ToyRUs in just a couple of hours time and found almost everything I needed to find.  Hip, Hip, Hooray! I don't feel like such a loser mom now that I actually have a few presents for our little ones.  And now to wrap.  Not to be confused with rap.  Oh, I can rap if you want me to. I can bust out a little Dirt Road Anthem with the best of them.  

I can take y'all where you need to go
Down to my hood, back in them woods

Let's ride

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