Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pre-Christmas Festivities

We have had such a busy, fun few days.  We made several visits to see some family.  Here we are with my Aunt June (my dad's sister).

 And with my Uncle Ralph (my dad's brother).
 Then we went to visit Daddy's grave.
 Oh, how I miss him.

 We went to Ridgewood with Megan and Tyler.  So delicious!

 Then we were all off to Speedway In Lights.

I got to have dinner with MLBSG.  So great to get together with all of them at Christmastime. 
 Sheldon has been moving around the house every night.  The kids love searching for him every morning.  Most days he just finds a new spot to hide, but some days we found him in a little mischief.  Here is an example:
 He put toilet paper all over on of our trees! Silly Sheldon!
 The kids continued the play again on Sunday.  Parker was back in his Oscar worthy role as sheep.  Claire was shining in her role as Elizabeth.
 I got a special new ornament! Thanks, Lisa!
On  Sheldon's last morning with us, we found him reading Luke 2 about the story of when Jesus was born.  

 We will miss Sheldon until next year!

Christmas Eve pictures coming soon!

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