Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Retreat Extravaganza

I just returned from our Sunday School Ladies Retreat which is officially (by me) called:
"2nd Annual Agape Peace Ladies Retreat Extravaganza"
Actually, I didn't "just return". I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but (A) I was so tired I couldn't sit upright in my desk chair and (B) I had some Bachelor business to attend to. Jason needed my support, and I for one think it made all the difference. He did exactly the right thing and sent home the girls who were no good for him. Another random thought...while I was just typing that and used the (A) and (B), I remembered Parker telling me this morning that, "A, you need to get a longer shirt". So now I have a 5 year old fashion critique in the house. I don't even know what he was talking about because I can assure you I don't wear belly shirts around the house (or anywhere else for that matter). Just funny that he made his point by starting with (A)!
Now back to the retreat...
We had a blast in Pigeon Forge over the weekend. We followed Beth Moore's Loving Well Retreat Kit. I would highly recommend it. That Beth is a funny gal and the material was powerful. We also did a lot of eating, shopping, talking, sharing, and playing games. Pow-Pow-Bite! If you were there, you understand. If not, be glad you were spared my silliness.
Here's a view of some of us gathered around in the kitchen.
Get a look at all that food! That wasn't even a drop in the bucket!

Hanging out and still eating

Looks like a deep discussion

More sharing time

The only picture of me I have from the weekend. I was obviously having a BBD. Bad Bang Day! Misty's bangs look gorgeous! I'm not jealous or anything...

This is the bear that laid on a beam and supervised us all weekend. I think he should be called Bear Extraordinaire for managing to hang with us all weekend!

It was a wonderful retreat with a fabulous group of friends! I'm truly blessed with each and every one of them!


LisaLisa said...

I'm so glad you took pictures! I have two--the giftie basket and the notepads/bookmarks. Woohoo that'll really be helpful in remembering all the fun we had! Haha!

Rachael said...

Looks like y'all had some great girl time! The cabin looks amazing! Maybe next year....