Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can a pony eat an ice cream cone? I'm just glad Jason's gone!

How's that for random?

No American Idol post this week. I was totally prepared to do one, but I just can't get myself motivated to write it. I am so underwhelmed with American Idol so far this season. Here's hoping it gets better!

Also, no "After The Final Rose" Part Deux post either my friends. Sweet Melissa didn't even show up (good for her). Therefore, I won't give any more blog space to that mess of an ending.

And lo, no Lost recap either. My brain is too tired.

Instead, I thought I'd just ramble a little about what we've been doing around here lately.

Welcome to Ponyville
(I didn't promise an exciting post, just a random one)

Here are the ponies posing in a line-up for you. Immediately after this picture, they did some mighty fine high kicks that would put any Rockette to shame.

And here they are just livin' their lives, going about pony business as usual.

After the pony playing, I found my sweeties watching tv all cuddled up in laundry baskets, pillows, and blankets.

And now...

Welcome to Seussville

Parker finally returned to school after what will forever be remembered as "The Great Stomach Virus Epidemic of 2009". His class have been celebrating Dr. Seuss this week. I went with him on a field trip yesterday to the library for some fun Dr. Seuss stories and songs.

Then to Dairy Queen for a treat. Have you ever tried to take approximately 65 kindergartners out for ice cream? Just wondering, because I have. After the initial mass chaos of getting the ice cream distributed to all 130 little hands, they actually did really great. (Side note: I just did that math in my head).

After the field trip, I picked up Claire from preschool. We stopped by a different Dairy Queen to get her some ice cream because life is nothing, if it's not fair. Right?

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