Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I like you, but I like her better. No wait, I was wrong.

I am so frustrated with Jason on the Bachelor. I have pulled for him all season (not to mention last season with Deanna). I so wanted him to find the love of his life and live happily ever after. He seemed like such a nice, down to earth, sincere guy. Until last night on the season finale.

I adored Melissa and was hoping he would choose her to be his blushing bride. And guess what y'all? He did! Woo-hoo! Yippee! Hooray! But wait! I only got to enjoy about six seconds of glee when Bachelor producers pulled the rug out from under me. We went from abundant joy including swinging in circles and promises of undying love and devotion to complete and utter sadness. The room darkens, the tears begin, and whaddaya know...Jason has changed his mind.

Now in my book, it's bad enough to change your mind about who you want to marry, but then he tells her on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Oh no he didn't. Oh yes, friends, he did.

I'll pause here while you process this news.

So out comes sweet little Melissa who already knew something was up. He told her to hit the road, and she looked like she could hit him a time or twenty. She did let him have it. He has publicly humiliated her, and I for one am glad she didn't make it easy on him. Then she was gone in the limo conveniently waiting outside.

Exit Melissa.

Enter Molly.

Molly comes on stage with "questions". She starts asking, and with a little prompting from Chris Harrison, Jason lays it on her. He does indeed love her! Yes, you Molly! All the time it was you! Fly away with me to an exotic island where we can start our lives! Oh, that's right, the show's over. Let's just get some coffee. Molly keeps glancing at Chris to see if this is all real or just a cruel joke. She is in shock to say the least. We all are since this is "unprecedented in Bachelor history". She agrees to see where things go with the understanding there will be more questions. Ya think?

Tune in tonight for the no doubt "shocking" conclusion to this "most popular Bachelor season ever". I'll be watching because I need to check on my sweet Melissa. After that...

The Bachelor show ~ You are dead to me.

*Disclaimer* I have been known to say this before since there have been many, MANY times that this show disappointed me. Oh, let me count the ways. So, I may or may not watch it again. I will try not to, but something tells me I'll be sucked back in like always. Especially if Melissa is The Bachelorette. At least I'm honest.


Wendy said...

Good morning to you Michelle,
I have a love/hate relationship with The Bachelor show. Currently it is in the hate phase. I haven't watched the show for a couple seasons because I get so sick of it. I loved the early shows where there seemed to be less pathologies on the show. I will probably return to watch again in the future.

Rachael said...

You forgot to mention the "pathetic" twist where Deanna comes to Jason and says, "I chose the wrong guy... you haven't put a ring on either of the girl's finger, so pick me. Ha! Ha!
I couldn't believe he broke up with Melissa on tv then 3 minutes later is ready to get back with the other one and is making out with her on the couch.

Unknown said...

My hatred for Jason grows by the hour. Are they having a follow up show tonight?

LisaLisa said...

I just finally started watching The Bachelor less than two months ago because of this Jason guy. He seemed so real and was just a very nice guy. What happened last night...is nothing short of pathetic. The whole thing was handled so poorly and all for ratings. I have been burned and will never fall for ABC's stupid tricks again. Don't even try to change my mind. I am over it. Done. Finito.

Michele said...

Yes! They are having a follow up show tonight. I feel like I have to watch, but ugh!

Jill said...

I so agree. I did not like Jason from the beginning. Something about a little sideways glance he always along with a nostril flare (oh so subtle flare mind you) that made me suspicious. In fact, I didn't watch much until the last three weeks. What a zero. And to put his son through all of that, too. I totally think Melissa will be the next bachelorette. And Molly should run fast and run far. I'm just sayin'.