Monday, March 2, 2009

News from Quarantine

IT finally got me late Saturday night. It has been a long weekend to say the least. Parker is feeling better, but still not great. Claire is still healthy as of this morning. My mom was feeling better and is now sick again. This virus is vicious! Thanks for all the prayers!

Parker has said a few funny things during his neverending sickness. The other night I heard him tell Claire he would sell her his germs for $50. Then last night we were watching tv in bed and he kind of moaned and said, "I just want my life back". What a little cutie!

It looks like every place around us got snow. Some got lots of snow. We got nothing! That's ok because I am pretty much over the winter weather. It's very cold here today, but we won't be getting out at all. Quarantine is still in effect!

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LisaLisa said...

You know kids' comments are usually just repeats of what they hear from the adults in their life. Have you tried to sell Brian your germs before?? So glad Claire is still well...hope your mom is all better soon. Yuck!