Thursday, May 24, 2012


Whatever shall I do???

Of course, I have big plans to clean up this house ~ everything from closets to garage.  Now will it really happen? That certainly remains to be seen.  In reality, there will be a lot of swimming.  Lots and lots of swimming.  I'm hoping there will also be some reading for all of us.  Several fun trips are coming up too, so we have lots to look forward to in the next couple of months. I was crazy enough to agree to a Dollywood trip yesterday on our first full day off.  I didn't even get to sleep late! So this morning, I rest....the resting will only last until lunch time because I need to vacuum, do a little laundry, and run some errands this afternoon.  One of my errands is to replenish my Love Spell since nobody has stepped up to be a supplier for me yet.  Tonight, Brian is making his winning recipe for a practice run, and we have some family coming over to taste his creation.  Yay for yummy food, family, fun, and REST!

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