Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day Of School!

Tuesday was the last day of school.  I have LOTS of pictures to document the day because in my world the last day of school is worth celebrating!

Walking into school on the last day

Just picked up the report cards
(Sidenote: That "No Dogs Allowed" on the school door always makes me laugh)

Trying to get a good picture at home!

Here are the outtakes:

Sweet boy

Precious girl

Flowers from one of my students
Tuesday evening, we had our annual last day of school celebration with The Freemans.  Parker and Claire made "Welcome To Summer" signs for the front door.


The Girls
(Not sure about Emme's face ~ ha!)


Master Chef

Jason in a cool hat

Time to eat

Dress-up time

(Moved to the front porch because of rain)


Sarah Cate





Max and Patch met for the first time

Piled up on Parker

Hide and Seek
Parker and Case were "It"

Let the summer fun begin!!!

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