Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Parker's Birthday (Part 2)

We celebrated Parker's birthday all weekend.  That's just how we roll around here!

Parker with our family birthday plate

Birthday breakfast

Present from Daddy, Mommy, & Claire

He got to get rid of his booster seat ~ probably the best present of all!

He picked Italian Village for his birthday dinner.

Here's how he felt about it

 Both kids also got new tennis rackets, so we came home to break them in.

Our audience from next door

 On Sunday, we combined our Mother's Day celebrations with Parker's birthday celebration.

Doughnuts for a birthday dessert

Singing "Happy Birthday"

 Later on Sunday, we kept the celebration going with more family.

They look thrilled

Wow, who is that handsome man?

Cutie pie

Skateboard cake

We definitely partied a lot, and he had a wonderful birthday!

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