Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plains

Oklahoma! That's where we're going!!! We are still in shock, but we have HUGE news!

Brian entered a recipe contest on The Pioneer Woman's website a while back.  We really did it mostly for fun, never dreaming in a million years that his recipe would get picked out of the 1,300-1,400 recipes that were submitted.  BUT HE WON!  So we're going to spend a weekend on the ranch with Ree.  FOR REAL! I am so excited and of course so proud of him.  I've always known that he's the best cook/chef/culinary artist in the world, but it's so nice for him to get to have such a neat opportunity.

Go here to see the official announcement on The Pioneer Woman's website.

I may get to see him in those chaps and cowboy boots after all! Giddy up!

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