Saturday, May 26, 2012


1. Claire just pulled another tooth.  I'm convinced that she pulls her teeth just to get money.  Soon, she will have no teeth left in her mouth.  Also, the tooth fairy is going broke.

2. I discovered that is not a good idea to watch Food Network while walking on the treadmill.

3. So I watched Melissa and Tye instead.  Do you remember Melissa Rycroft from The Bachelor, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and Dancing With The Stars? She's really cute.  Anyway, it wasn't a great idea either because I was crying for the last ten minutes when her daughter was sick. The crying affected my breathing which turned out to be bad treadmill activity as well.

4. I am about to give The Hunger Games another try.  I'll let you know how that goes.

5. Brian finally (bless his heart) got our new mulch put down today.  It was blazin' hot outside, but he persevered.  It looks so much better, and our neighbors are very grateful The Washington County Hillbillies have straightened things up a bit.

6. So far, summer vacation is a big hit around here.  Especially with me.  Nothing has really been cleaned or organized yet, but that swimming pool sure is fun!

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