Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cookies For Neighbors

Our neighbors on both sides have been going through a difficult time.  One of them just lost a very close friend.  The other family just had a new baby.  They've known since the 20 week ultrasound that their baby boy has a growth on his leg.  All of the specialists were very hopeful throughout the rest of her pregnancy that it was extra muscle mass that could be removed after he was born.  Unfortunately, it was discovered at his birth that he has a form of cancer called Rabdomiosarcoma.  At just a few weeks old, he started chemotherapy.  The baby's name is Kael, and I know they would appreciate your prayers.

We all enjoyed delivering the cookies and visiting with our neighbors.

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Christi said...

Praying for baby Kael and his family. What a sweet gesture to take them cookies. I'm trying to teach my kids to be serving towards others and not think of just themselves. Great idea!