Friday, July 6, 2012

Myrtle Beach (Day 6)

So we didn't go to the ocean today.  (GASP) (WHAT?) (WHY, I NEVER!)

It went against everything I believe in.  I liken it to a kind of unpardonable sin of sorts, to not spend time on the beach every. single. day. one is on a beach vacation.  The truth is, we have spent hours and hours playing in the ocean and sand every day since we got here.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  In fact, it's ALL right.  However, the kids and handsome husband who insisted on tagging along on this little beach trip o' mine were tired.  They needed a break.  Although you'll never get a full confession from me, I may have needed a little break as well.  So I took one for the team, and we skipped the beach.

Then I had this for lunch (which kind of eased my loss of beach time sorrow):

Extra Large Pig: Exhibit A
We headed down to Market Common.  The kids played on the playground while I entertained myself in stores like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Francesca's, etc.  It's a hard life I lead.

They also spent some time in Barnes and Noble performing for anyone who would watch.

Dramatic readings also occurred for all interested audiences.

Later, we stopped at the Mac Daddy of all HomeGoods stores.  It's my all time favorite HomeGoods which I think I made clear a while back.  I do bear some unfortunate news.  Myrtle is gone.  I'd love to know who bought her!

But good news! I found this friend.  He begged me to take him home, but I explained that I felt he would be happier on a farm or ranch.  Maybe even a ranch in Oklahoma belonging to a lovely Pioneer Woman.  If only I had found him before our trip to Ree's ranch.  What a lovely hostess gift he would have made!
Eventually, we headed back to Broadway At The Beach for some final rides.

And of course, a little treat!
We have one last day at the beach.  We will, most definitely, be spending it ON THE BEACH!

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