Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY tO bRiAn!

My Brianaby had a birthday yesterday! Yippee! 

 I am always more excited about birthdays than he is.  Every time I asked him how he wanted to celebrate, he insisted that he didn't want any hoopla.  I'm a hoopla kind of gal, so it was a bit hard for me.

We gave him his presents at home.
 The traditional birthday artichoke hearts
 A new shirt and tie

 Then we went to Chop House for dinner.
 (More on that later)

My mom made him a peach cobbler because that's what he requested for his birthday dessert.  

Here it is, minus a bite or two.  
It was delicious, and he says his birthday was just the way he wanted it.  Hoopla-free!

(We are planning to do a little celebrating with Brian's parents this weekend too, so the fun isn't quite over!)

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