Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Happenings

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning...

Party Pig was in da house!

(By the way, he is for hire for all of your party needs....ain't no party like a Party Pig party)

Other "friends" who stopped by to make a Saturday morning visit

 Saturday afternoon, we went swimming.  These cool cats were taking a break.

 Max worked as lifeguard all day, and he was exhausted.

 For lunch on Sunday, I made Oreo Extravaganza.  I guess it was a good sign when I came home with an empty dish.

Brian's Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Dale have been in town visiting from California.

Sunday night, I went to Megan's house for The Bachelorette Finale.  I made this 
 spinach dip!

(I can't get this picture to turn)

Emily was there with us, and she cracks me up! She was SO into the show!

Yesterday, we worked ALL DAY in my classroom.  
(More on that later.)

Last night, the kids played outside after we had hot dogs for National Hot Dog Day. 
I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate!


Fun times!

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