Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are We There Yet?

We started our adventure this morning.  Everything went well for the most part.  Parker and Claire did really well in the car.  Here's the evidence:

Unfortunately, we were in a lot of traffic.  A couple of times we were slowed down due to small wrecks, etc.      However, between Florence and Conway, the traffic situation went to an all time level of insanity. 

Dear Cities of Florence and Conway,

Please do something about the traffic situation in your towns.  The best I can tell, Myrtle Beach isn't getting any less popular.  The already ridiculous traffic problem will only continue to increase as most people have no other option for getting to their final destination but to drive smack dab through your cities.  May I suggest a new 12 lane interstate that bypasses your cities altogether.  Or perhaps some type of air-lift system that magically lifts cars and moves them swiftly through the air and gently returns them to the ground at the Myrtle Beach city limits.  Even a nice series of underground tunnels with conveyor type systems that cars drive onto and are transported to the other side without any danger of fender benders, Sunday drivers, or pesky traffic lights.  Just do something.  Anything.  FOR THE LOVE...

This was my view for hours.
 This sign was just teasing us!
 And this didn't make things any easier...

 Finally, a glorious sight!
 Our tradition is to eat at Ultimate California Pizza on the night we get to Myrtle Beach.

 Vacation tradition

 And this makes that traffic worth it...

Claire loved finding shells.

 She made a lovely shell pile.

 Brian found what he thinks is a shark's tooth.  Is he right?
More beach adventure tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I think your suggestions sound very reasonable. Send in a letter for real!

Christi said...

Oh I love Mrytle Beach. I grew up going there every summer. Have lots of fun!