Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Lodge

If you want to see the OFFICIAL Pioneer Woman/Ranch blog post, go HERE.

Here are some pictures from inside the beautiful lodge where we stayed while visiting Ree's ranch.

The stove with the delicious dinner that was prepared

The kitchen
(This is where the Food Network show is filmed)

Our bedroom

Ceiling in the bedroom

Rug in our bedroom

Beautiful bathroom

Doors between bedroom and bathroom


Ree with a paper towel (Ha!)

THE custom mixer
(I tried to fit it in my carry on)

Corner of the kitchen with white dishes displayed

Jerilyn and Me

Cowboy boot collection

Ree's photography displayed on mantle

Another view of the kitchen

Ree washing the dishes

Living room
Ree's camera
(yes, I'm crazy)
Ree and her camera

Me with Ree's camera
(Told you I am crazy)

Craft service table

Cowboy Josh, Alex, and Paige

The pantry
Love that ladder!

The best apple dumplings I've ever eaten

More pictures tomorrow! Up next...riding horses (otherwise known as the day I almost broke my neck).

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