Monday, June 18, 2012

Daytona Beach

(This is a very long post.  Quite possible the longest ever.)

We had a wonderful trip to Daytona Beach, Florida a couple of weeks ago.  Enjoy the pictures!

The super cool water slide at the hotel pool

We spent a lot of time playing in the ocean and sand

We stayed at Wyndham Ocean Walk



Claire on the ferris wheel (she looks a little scared)

One morning we had the official vacation breakfast

Fun in the waves

We saw a bunch of dolphins!

My camera had some issues!

Lazy river

Dinner with a beautiful view even though it was raining

Claire lost a tooth and then couldn't find the tooth.  She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy.

View from our room

More rides!

So thankful for a wonderful family vacation!

Disney pictures tomorrow!

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